Maleha Afzal 

The 15th of May marks the World endangered species day. People across the globe celebrate this day to learn about the endangered species and come up with solutions to protect them to maintain a balance in the ecosystem and ensure sustainability.

The importance of endangered species

We live in a world full of animals, insects, creatures and plants; all of these combine to form the ecosystem. This ecosystem brings a balance in the environment, purifies and enriches our surroundings and supports the diverse marine and wildlife. The endangered species must be protected at all costs since they give a structure and order to nature, without which there is a threat for our environment to collapse.

 Every species plays a vital role in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. For instance, the threat of extinction of bees will prove to be hazardous to the food system as bees pollinate a vast amount of the food human beings eat and depend on for a living. Many of our crop plants rely on bees to produce seeds. Various plants are important ingredients used for making medicines, if certain plants go extinct we might as well not find a cure for numerous diseases. 

A world without an ecosystem, no plants to provide oxygen, and no food to feed on; we all need to understand the bearing these species have on our daily activities and life.