By Fatemah Sultan 

The monsoon season is not unknown to those who reside by the coast, running its track every year in the late summer months of July to September. The unexpected downpour that took place this year has left people in awe and terror. While there’s a clear link to the failure of the municipalities in this economic hub that nearly 16 million people call home, I think it’s time we evaluate where our life in this concrete jungle is going. It’s time to look around and pick on the patterns; these flash floods have left numerous countries in Asia like China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan in disastrous situations. 

Let’s talk monsoons; these vicious storms are triggered by contrast in temperature between landmasses and oceans, triggering a reversal wind pattern, resulting in a rise in precipitation i.e. ‘monsoons’. Thus, let’s look at the facts; we all should know by now that there’s a rise in global temperature because of heat-trapping greenhouse gasses. The rise in temperature creates alterations in monsoons and levels of rainfall are skewed; hence, the highs and lows- at times Karachiites experience little to no rain and then another time we get monstrous showers that ruin our city. When there are extreme precipitation levels on the rise, it’s just going to result in worse weather conditions. 

Now, Karachiites may feel helpless in their situations and not understand where to move forward from this; here’s how to take this situation- we can no longer change the mistakes of yesterday, but work towards a promise of a better tomorrow starting today. Take the events of the last week as a sign to change your life and the way you’re living. Fighting for climate justice for your city is not a passion or a hobby; it is a necessity to keep our chances for a better future; keep calling out those in charge who don’t lobby for the change we need to keep ourselves and our city safe. As the economic hub of this country, these residents have some rights to development and a better yet sustainable living and we should push till they all do not get them. No longer should we wait each year, for these late summer monsoon months to come, to watch people’s lives turn into numbers on a statistic sheet, counting how many lost their lives into these administrative injustices and climatic disasters. Do not allow yourself to become immune to the loss of human life; lobby for the change you want to see. Individually or together, nothing is impossible.