Written by: Iqra Ahsan

Edited by; Maleha Afzal

If you want to save the world from climate change, veganism seems to be the motto. Climate change is real. According to scientists reducing the greenhouse gas emission from transportation and energy usage isn’t enough to fight climate changes. Reducing the consumption of meat and dairy products can reduce agricultural pollution to a great extent. 

A study conducted by the Oxford University shows that food production causes one-fourth of global greenhouse gas emission and animal sources are responsible for 80% of the results. The decomposing manure releases gases like hydrogen sulfide, methane, ammonia, and CO2. These are powerful greenhouse gases that adversely affect the environment. Moreover, feeding the farmed animals, killing them, processing the food, transporting, and storing their flesh is energy-intensive.

To produce one calorie of meat we have to utilize 40 calories of fuel. This is where veganism plays an essential role; to produce one calorie of plant-based diet we need only 2.2 calories of fuel.

Not only are plant-based diets more environmentally friendly, but they are also healthier. Veganism isn’t only a concept but it’s a lifestyle. According to the vegan society:

“Vegans were early descendants of what we now call environmentalism and green issues. For vegans, the lifestyle encompassed a natural way of living that respected not just sentient beings but the very planet we inhabit”

In a research article, a study was conducted in which it was found out that recently people around the age of 15-34 years are going vegan because they are becoming more environmentally aware and health-conscious. When they were asked about the reason for veganism, one of the participants said:

‘’I think it’s logical to go vegan for sustainable human existence. I grew up in a time where climate change is a big concern. I feel my veganism can play an important role in creating a sustainable planet’’

Veganism can help combat climate change by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. We all can play our part in saving our planet by choosing a plant-based diet and practicing sustainable farming techniques.