A fire erupted in the Minimarg village of Astore district GB

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Astore, a valley 120km long with an area of 5,000km2, is located in the north of Pakistan, in Gilgit-Baltistan state. The valley is at the eastern face of Nanga Parbat, a peak 8,125 high, often called the Killer Mountain,

Minimarg is a village in District Astore Gilgit Baltistan, situated on the right bank of the Neelum River to the north of Taobat, approximately 190 km from the city of Gilgit. Recently an event took place in district Minimarg, the village of Mapno Abad burnt into ashes.

Desperate residents tried to put off a huge fire with their bare hands after the village caught fire. More than 35 houses have been reportedly destroyed by the huge blaze. The village, barely populated in summers – as the residents move to live in higher pastures, was completely destroyed by the fire. Sadly, no forces were there to rescue the people and their property the local people themselves made efforts to extinguish the flames. However, with a lack of equipment, it proved to be too late. You can see how helpless and hopeless they seemed if you hear their pleas for help on social media. The area being far-flung has been out of the media coverage hence their miseries are not being given proper media coverage.


Locals have said that this was the second time the village had caught fire; the first incident had reportedly taken place in 2001. It is to note that the residents of the village live in wooden cottages. Clouds of gloom hung low on the village, as the houses kept smoldering throughout the night. Locals have demanded a full investigation into the incident to establish the causes of the fire. There are rumors that the fire was caused by arson, but the reality is that this is one of the consequences of Global Warming.

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      What a sad event indeed. I am not sure how the writer reached the very confidently stated conclusion that the fire was a result of climate change. It could very well have been but where is the evidence or the research for it. At least the writer should have included an explanation of how wildfires can be caused by climate change. The biggest weapon climate change activists and advocates have against climate change deniers is the hard science that backs it up. I would urge the writer to learn and may be use a bit of that science in his or her future pieces.

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