Why care for the environment?

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By shaaf

The answer is ‘Why should one not care for the environment?’ Generation after generation, we have been becoming ignorant about the aftermaths that our selfish activities might bring. In our routine distress, we have long forgotten that we have been losing something essential as human beings. That essential thing is the environment which is deeply connected with our health. For example, if we talk about Pakistan, water scarcity is an unfortunate asset that is thought to strike us by 2025. Not just Pakistan, but the whole world is at the verge of getting short of water. Saving water is one of the top priorities when the talk about environmental protection goes on. Similarly, the air we pollute will, at the end, give out risks for our own bodies. The emissions we carelessly release will pass into our own lungs and cause us breathing disorders. 

Cutting down trees might provide us with wood for our constructions and paper for our office works, but we shouldn’t forget that the disadvantages of this outmatch the advantages. Due to deforestation, global temperature is rising at an alarming rate. Consequently, the glaciers are melting and becoming a significant reason for floods. We are using oil, coal and gas as if their resources were limitless. Are they infinite? Unfortunately, No! They aren’t. We want our lands to be cleaner and want more recreation, don’t we? But our acts are actually opposite to this. We are disposing wastes carelessly and depriving the soil from its nutrients and ultimately from its fertility. If this keeps up, we won’t be able to restore earth’s beauties. If we meet this fate, it’ll signify great dangers for our coming generations. Things sound negative here, but you know what? They can turn positive if we want them to be. All it will take is just a proper turn and the rest is for our determination to do. If we get determined to be patient with water, oil, gas and all other such resources, we won’t be having any stress resting upon us. Deforestation won’t be much of a problem if each one of us focuses on plantations. We must give our environment a green-makeover and make our airs free from emissions. It’s our moral obligation to be careful with the environment we live in. We must do it for our earth! We must do it for ourselves!

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