What is Climate Change?

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By Arsal Sher Khan 

Ever feel like the summers each year just keep getting hotter and hotter? Or that winter this year just did not have the same chill to it? Or it went by without you noticing, and as you read this you think back and realise that you did not need to unpack those really thick hoodies this year. The gradual rise in temperature and every other mild seasonal effect you feel but do not notice, is global warming; and global warming is a subsequent part of the real problem, Climate Change.

Climate change means the difference in the Earth’s global climate or in regional climates over time. Climate change is now a major concern especially in colder countries. Climate change can be warmer or colder. This includes global warming and global cooling.

It describes changes in the state of the atmosphere over time scales ranging from decades to millions of years. These changes can be caused by processes inside the Earth, forces from outside (e.g. variations in sunlight intensity) or, more recently, human activities. Ice ages are prominent examples.

Climate change is any significant long-term change in the weather of a region (or the whole Earth) over a significant period of time. Climate change is about abnormal variations to the climate, and the effects of these variations on other parts of the Earth. Examples include the melting of ice caps at the South Pole and North Pole. These changes may take tens, hundreds or perhaps millions of years.

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