Welcome to Fridays For Future Pakistan

We can't keep living like this. Climate change is real and it's happening now.

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What We Do

Strike on Fridays

Our strikes are dedicated to the future of our land and are meant to educate the individual and ensure that we are heard for our cause. 

Our goal is to highlight and make people aware so that we can gather and put our demands forward for the government and the global north to ensure that they reflect on their contributions toward climate change.

Awareness sessions

Educational and informative sessions are designed to give awareness to the local institutes about their respective areas, this is done through research, community mapping, and curriculum development. It helps the locals understand their land in a personalized manner.




Currently, we are working on 3 major areas. We aspire to make policymakers listen to scientists and ensure checks and balances. We want to normalize climate education in our institutions as non-formal education. Last, but not least, we are ready to manage disasters created by the wrath of climate change through relief funds and technical help. 

Campaigning (Policymaking) 

Climate Education  

Disaster Response  



We care for our planet and the living creatures, who call this place their home. We believe in awareness campaigns and strikes, both digital and physical.  

Awareness session  

Climate strikes  

Digital campaigns